Are components compatible?

I want to build budget gaming PC. Want to know how cheap it can be in Europe. You U.S people are lucky! I am almost ready, except PSU, so I want to make sure that those components that I put together are compatible.

MSI 785G-E53 - Socket AM3 - Chipset 785G - ATX (105$)
Video Card:
SAPPHIRE TECHNOLOGY Radeon HD4890 Vapor-X - 1 Gt DDR5 (196$)
PNY PC-Memory Premium 2 x2 Gt DDR3 1333 PC3 (135$)
AMD Phenom II X2 550 - 3.1 GHz, socket AM3 - Black Edition (109$)
WESTERN DIGITAL WD Caviar Blue - Harddrive - 320 Gt - SATA-300 7200RPM (49$)
MAD-X PC-case MadCase Explorer (36$)
DVD reader\writer:
Random samsung 22x DVD±RW (22$)
Overall: 652$ + upcoming PSU

My questions:
Are these components compatible?
What kind of PSU do I need?
Is Radeon HD 4890 better than HD 5770 in gaming?
Do I have any chance to unlock the CPU's cores?
Anything missing?

P.S - Feel free to recommend me to change something (nothing too expensive). And I would really appreciate if you tell me any good online store which ships to Finland (No U.S ones, because shipping prices are super high). My first build btw, so don't judge too seriously.
I am not buying from those sites which from I provided the links.
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  1. nobody?
  2. Previously answered on Toms about the 5770/4890

    I have a 5770 myself and its fine for my WoW habit :)
    I'd be looking at a 600W+ psu for that build
    Cores, you have a 50/50 chance tbh, you can or you cant, dont buy the chip banking you can just to get upset if you cant, instead concentrate on the fact its a Black edit, unlocked multiplier= more clocking although youll want a aftermarket cooler if your going mad with it :P
    cant say i know anywhere that ships to Finland sorry, and as this is your first build, good luck and dont be afraid to ask more questions, people on Toms are here and willing to help, it may take time,we're spread worldwide :)
    but you usually get good answers reasonably fast
    Take your time, and enjoy the journey mate :)
  3. Thank you! I think I'll probably change CPU to phenom x3, as MSI site says that the motherboard I chose will unlock it. And I'll change video card to HD 5830, as I found it for the same price as HD 4890 and I read that it's a bit better in performance + has directx 11 support. It will not require more than 600W PSU right?

    And one more question: How to choose Power Supply? Do I have to look only at Watts and connections only, or something more too?
  4. Not all cpus can be unlocked, there's only something like a 25-50% (at best, but there's no firm numbers).
  5. yes, Its a gamble for unlocking chips,
    Amd did seem to latch onto the trend for buyers taking that risk and released more and more disabled good chips to feed the demand but I wouldnt buy one relying on unlocking it.
    having said that the X3 phenoms are good gaming chips as standard, if it unlocks you laughing :)
    Go for a named ram brand, I'm not too up on ram brands but I'm sure pny isnt top quality
    and same goes for psu, spend a decent amount on possibly the most important (and usually overlooked) component on your system
    if your going for a powered graphics card, make sure your psu has at least one dedicated powerline for a graphics card
    There should be plenty of psu-related thread on here to read up on, but I would say you want at least a stable 600w unit, that system will run on a lower wattage one, but to ensure you have enough power all the time if you do decide on a budget psu.
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