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I am looking to buy a dell XPS 8100 (in the UK). I have a choice between the radeon 5670 or a GTS 240. which would be better? for an extra £100 i can upgrade to the GTX 260. Would this really be worth it? Assuming I want the best that semi reasonable money can buy (about £900 - £1000 without monitor and i'm not building my own) is this upgrade worth the financial dent?

Thanks for the help - I've been researching for months and am just torn between my choices!
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  1. If your going to be gaming, yes the GTX 260 is worth the 100,
    Its twice as fast + more of the 5670 and 240.
    Your other choice would be to add a video card after purchase, but then you would have to verify psu compatibility.
  2. The GTX 260 is hands down the best option listed for gaming purposes. It's very good at 1440x900, and good up to 1920x1080 resolutions with most games.

    The GTS 240 and ATI 5670 are 'budget' cards and offer decent performance at a low cost. However, they're not the kind of cards you can run current games on High settings with.

    What resolution is the monitor you are purchasing with this system? At 1920x1080 or 1680x1050 I'd go with the GTX 260 for sure. At 1440x900 you could get away with the lesser cards. This also depends on what you do with them. I just assume you want to game, and that you want to play modern games.
  3. Looking at the Dell USA site, they are offering the GTX 260 1792MB version for $230US. A standard GTX 260 896MB card goes for about $170 on and similar sites.

    Also, the "Full HD" monitor they offer for $199US uses a VGA cable (which is bunk if you ask me). Any decent "Full HD" (1920x1080) should be using DVI.

    Might look at your options some. Perhaps order the system without a monitor, and get a quality monitor for cheaper else where. Course, you could do that with the video card too. All depends on whether you wanna do it yourself, and of course whether Dell puts a large enough power supply in that you can add your own GPU later without having to upgrade your PSU (and thereby void your warranty).
  4. Yeah, check if there is an HD5770 option. It's not only superior to the GTX 260 in terms of features/power efficiency it is also usually significantly cheaper these days.
  5. Thanks for the advice, very useful. I'm thinking the GTX 260 unless they offer the 5770. In terms of the monitor, I've seen I can get bigger, better and cheaper by buying elsewhere, which is precisely what I intend to do!

    thanks for the help
  6. Most likely you should use the same thinking you are applying to the monitor to the video card. Get a cheaper system with a low end or integrated video card. You will save money and/or get a better card by buying it separately afterward.
  7. hey there may i know where do you live???
    Cause i just checked on the Dell USA and they have no GTX 260!!! they have got 5770 though
  8. Studio 8100, right??? I got into customizing options and of all the... there was no GTX 260
  9. sorry my bad
    Really in the UK they are offering GTX 260 instead of 5770
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