Decent inexpensive home network storage?

I've been looking at Seagate GoFlex Home Network and WD MyBook Live drives since they seem to be the best fit of what I'm looking for. NAS? However, none of these drives have very good feedback at all and each model have their problems. The best rating for most of them is 3/5 stars.

Does anyone have any recommendations for an ethernet port hard drive that I can merely connect to my router and access from any of my home computers (mainly HTPC) without much effort or extraneous software? It would be nice if it would somehow sleep when not in use but re-wake on me accessing it. I do not want it to be "wirelessly accessed" standalone. I just want to be able to ethernet connect it to the router and wirelessly connect to it through the router.

I need it to be relatively reliable but critical data will not be stored on it. Just pictures and video files mostly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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  1. While I would certainly point you to our website to look at 2 drive ReadyNAS or other models we have reviewed, I understand your concern via ratings.

    Also, note, though, that for us many times the issue is hard drive reliability which is why we ALWAYS use RAID even if only a 2 drive mirror.

    The hard drive failing can certainly affect ratings but is not the manufacturer's fault, necessarily (if they are buying a quality drive).

    We recently blogged about a ReadyNAS Ultra2Plus with enterprise Seagate hard drives where 1 drive failed in 3 months and the other had a significant number of errors.

    That said, we were EXTREMELY happy with how simple it is to add 1 new hard drive, let that mirror the erroring (but still good) hard drive, then replace the 2nd hard drive and have 2 good drives.

    We also took that opportunity to upgrade from 1TB drives to 3TB drives and that increase in volume space only required an additional reboot from the ReadyNAS and that was done at our convenience.

    The NAS was accessible to users during the entire process.

    Hope that helps.

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