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HAF X Cooling

I have been trying to decide on a case for my system. Going to have 2x 460s until I can get 2x 485s. I went from TT Element V Nvidia edition, to NZXT Phantom, to HAF X, back to TT, now I have narrowed it down to between HAF X and Storm Sniper.

I like how the Sniper has Fan controller and a bottom fan intake. Sniper's Side fan hits GPUs and MB.

HAF X has better cable management but I am concerned about the intake fans. The side and the front intake fans are blowing are straight on the GPUs( the duct from the side fan is limiting that air to GPUs only and if I used the duct behind the HDs all that air would be going to GPUs as well). It makes for great GPU cooling but it doesn't seem like any of that air will touch the MB above the GPUs and there would be 3 fans pulling air off the MB with no fresh air hitting it. And I would have to get a fan controller for the 150 cfm fan behind the HDs.

Any HAF X owners able to clarify to me if the air actually hits the chipset, heatsink, and ram areas on the MB with all the ducting features. Or would I get better cooling to remove the ducts. Removing the ducts would be the same as the Sniper but without a bottom intake. But the HAF X has vents over the Expansion ports and the sniper doesnt.

Currently I am torn between the two, I like the Snipers name(lol) and design better than HAF X they seem to be about the same size though.

Also, if anyone knows how long of a PSU the Sniper can house with a 140mm or 120mm bottom fan, that would be appreciated.
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  1. Nvm Think I will go with the sniper.
  2. HAF X and the Silverstone FT02 are probably the 2 best aircooled cases right now. You gotta remember theres the giant side fan as well on the HAF X
  3. The Storm Sniper has a side fan the same size as the HAF X, and from what I heard, it has higher CFM.

    I would like to use a wireless adapter so Silverstones are ruled out.

    The HAF X is ugly imo. It has nice cable management and great GPU airflow. But I question the airflow towards the CPU.

    The Sniper's side fan would only help cool 1 GPU well and I plan on going SLI with a space between cards. The side fan would help cool the CPU better I think.

    As it stands now, I think I will go with the HAF X unless I see anything better. I'd rather have better cooled GPUs seeing as how I will be using fermis, than a few C off the CPU which I won't OC much. If the ATI 6000 series perform better than the fermis I'll use them and upgrade to a newer better case then.
  4. eric4277 said:

    I would like to use a wireless adapter so Silverstones are ruled out.

    Why? What adapter do you have? The new design is great for most wireless adapters because of the height of them.
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  6. At first when I started researching my build I was looking at the TT element V nvidia edition. I have since changed to the Storm Sniper. I see you have recommended the sniper. I really do not like the visual design of the HAF X or Antec 1200. I think I would be better to go with a case that works for me and looks good to me.

    Therefor I am going with the Sniper. I am also interested to see which fan configuration in the sniper would work best for cooling SLI x2. 2 120mm fans would cover more express slots but not as wide as the 200mm. If another case to my liking comes out later I can always upgrade.
  7. If you want to add fans, one of the best cases to have your own fan setup is the CM 690 II. I think it has 10 fan slots, not that you should use them all, but so that you can get optimal cooling.
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