GTX 480 Bad Company 2 fps not increaseing when lowering AA\AF? O.o

Got a GTX 480 recently which seems to run most DX11 apps and blaze through most DX10 apps, but in Bad Company it's strange, on most maps I get 40-45 but then drops down to 30-35, that's 1920x1200 8x aa and 16x af. If I up it to 32x aa w\ 16x af, the fps stays the exact same...low 40-45 but drops very common down to 30-35. Even if I turn off AA\Af it's around the same FPS, and I don't get why, my 4870 just in 1920x1200 was getting 60 fps constantly.

Do I have a bottleneck, or is something just wrong?

Phenom II X4 @ 3.5ghz (945)
4GB DDR2 1066
Sound Blaster Xi-fi
Corsair 750w PSU
Windows 7

I can't figure out what's keeping my fps constantly so low...pretty sure my Phenom is plenty, anybody have any ideas?
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  1. thats a CPU bottleneck.

    not that your CPU is especially weak, just that you have the most powerful GPU on the market, without a heavily OCd i7 your gonna be a little bottlenecked.

    EDIT: to point out also, the game has known issues with the new Nv cards. its being worked on and should be sorted in an upcoming driver update. you can expect some sort of boost from that.
  2. ^1+

    Pretty much a CPU bottleneck as he said.
  3. As compared to your 4870, your now running dx11. Try turning hbao off.
    Also if you look at 480 reviews, in dx11 games , where it usually produced 15ish% faster than a 5870, in BFBC2 it lost by about 20%, something wrong in drivers right now.
    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 GPU Performance In-depth
  4. I've turned hbao off, still stays the same, how are these bench markers all around getting 60 fps avg with 1920x1200 maxed out then? :-\ also I can't turn DX11 off, it auto selects it by hardware in BC2. As long as it's a driver issue I'm not worried, the only upgrade option is a 3.4 ghz Phenom II AM3 (I generally stay with AMD processors) and I doubt AM3 is really that much faster than AM+2 so it wouldn't justify a new mb\cpu + ram

    I guess hopefully the new drivers Monday will resolve it. Thanks :D
  5. you can actually drop in an AM3 processor to most am2+ mobos and continue using your old RAM. but that wouldnt make much of a difference.

    most benchies are done with an OCd i7, which would offer significantly more breathing room than oyur CPU.
  6. You can force dx10 apparently.

    Go to my documents
    change this line
  7. Kinda a complete shame that I can't even play my games at high settings....I'd have to spend 500+ or w\e on a i7 to get the frames the graphic card can actually create? seems a bit strange...
  8. I'm would have a hard time believing it's a CPU bottleneck at 3.5 gz it should in most cases be fine nvidia does claim that it's antialias ablities are very efficent your fps increasing as you lower your resolution?
  9. I haven't tried the resolution I'll do that shortly. I also find quite odd that it could be a CPU bottle neck when I have a quad @ 3.5 ghz...I really can't imagine that being a bottle-neck, and that still wouldn't explain why my 4870 could run @ 1920x1200 w\ 60 constant fps...unless I'm missing something
  10. There is also the fact that the game has known issues with that card.

    The CPU bottleneck will only be minor, but as we have already pointed out the card is currently not going to perform well in that game.
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