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I have a very quick question and just need an opinion on where to start. I am receiving my new Video card and Windows 7 package today but I need to know what to install first... Now I want to install the card first to see if all is well but when I wipe vista off to install Win7 it will not effect anything right? Or install Win7 then install the card? I dont really think it makes much difference and I'm probably over thinking things. Also Another quick question but to just wipe vista I reboot the system but go into the BIOS and make it boot from the CD so when it starts Win7 install it can overwrite vista in a sense? Sorry if this seems a tad jumbled and if it is the wrong section but it was the only one that might match this issue. Thanks in advance!
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    Do a fresh install of Win7, then install the card drivers, Windows will function for install even without drivers installed. Download Catalyst Control Center from the AMD/ATI wesbsite and everything will be fine.

    Yes you are probably overthinking it, but thats not always bad.
  2. Ah thanks. It's hard not to over think when you've just spent 350$ on two things xD. Thanks again!
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