Best operating system for 380 MHz AMD K6-2 processor


What is the best operating system for a 380 MHz K6-2?
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  1. I'd give a Linux a shot. It's probably not worth purchasing an OS for such an old platform.
  2. Which version? I've tried before with no luck with Ubuntu.
  3. I suggest MS-DOS 6.22, if you fancy pushing it to the max, you could put Windows 3.11 for workgroups on as well, just watch you dont fill your 30mb hdd....
  4. If you want a distro of Linux I agree with MISRy.DSL is the distro to use.
    Also Puppy Linux too.
    There are some other ones as well.
    However If one wanted to retro game Windows 98,98SE would be best as those were the Operating Systems available around the era of the AMD K6-2 CPU.Windows ME would also run however many people don't like it as much as 98SE.
  5. Linux is always the best operating system for any computer, of course. I used Linux way back when these machines were current, but you are probably better off using something that is designed for lightweight systems. At the very least, you will want to max out the RAM as much as you can.

    For ease of use and installation, maybe try Linux Mint 5, XFCE edition. If that fails, I would look into DSL or Puppy, though I've never used those myself. There is definitely something that will work.

    Good luck!
  6. +1 for DSL or Puppy Linux.
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