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once upon a time, a village fool named p4nz3rm4d decided to put together a computer out of ye olde parts.
the dark wizard of uncreativity then punched him in the face... repeatedly...
so young p4nz3rm4d was banished and now needs ye helpe to decide on wat to do with this corpse of a computer(e)
so many have tried to helpe me, yet no one has the creativity to come up with somthinge...

so basically dudes/dudettes, wat can i do with this old rig? it is absolutely rubbish, and it barely can run notepad... :kaola:
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  1. I don't know....Boat Anchor?
  2. Donate it to someone that does not need to use notepad.
  3. binary data is binary data, no matter where it's stored:

    so, convert it to a simple backup storage server
    on a wired LAN, and use XCOPY to do manual backups
    from a .bat batch file e.g.:

    D:\> XCOPY foldername X:\foldername /s/e/v/d

    D: is a data partition on the local system
    X: is a remote partition on the backup server

    That's what we do with our aging 875 chipsets:
    we also turn them OFF when not in use,
    which prolongs their useful life even more.

    HINT: systems that are powered OFF completely
    are totally immune to viruses and malware infections :)

  4. put the lightest version you can of linux on it and run folding @ home :)
  5. it barely can run notepad... :kaola: <<<LOL

    if you want something creative:

    1. Strip it to bits! and make things with it, like I used shuttle XPS CPU cooler as book stand when my PC shorted.

    2. Or reformate it and donate it like rolli59 said.

    3.Or Blow it up and upload a video...
  6. Let us what u end up doing :P
  7. use it as burning material to cook sausages on?
  8. I apologise, ye olde dudes, but computers donteth burn, and im not Osama, so I dont have ye C4 jy speek of.
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