Gigabyte BIOS Optimal Settings: BSOD Help

Windows XP PRO SP
Gigabyte EP45T-UD3LR rev 1.0 MOBO
Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Q8300
(4M Cache, 2.50 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB)
ATI Radeon HD 4670 1GB
Patriot PGV34G1333ELK Sector 5 2x2GB PC10666 RAM - DDR3, 1333MHz, 2x2048MB, 9-9-9-27
640GB Caviar Blue
Antec EarthWatts EA650 650W Continuous Power ATX12V Ver.2.2 / EPS12V version 2.91
CPU Cooler

Problem: Blue Screen of Death at random intervals.

- STOP: 0x0000000A (0x...,0x...,0x...,0x...) "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" - occurred while installing Windows XP PRO SP3 (originally had Windows 7 which BSOD more often).
- STOP: 0x0000008E (0x...,0x...,0x...,0x...) "KERNEL_MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED" - occurred overnight in XP PRO SP3

**Memtest-86 v3.5a**

Intel Core 2 2500 MHz
L1 Cache: 32K 35207 MB/s
L2 Cache: 2048K 16338 MB/s
L3 Cache: None
Memory : 4095M 5091 MB/s
Chipset : Intel P45/G45 - FSB: 333 MHz - Type: DDR3
Settings: RAM: 533 MHz (DDR1066) / CAS: 7-7-7-20 / Dual Channel


System Temp: ~35'C
CPU Temp: ~25'C
Vcore: 1.188 V
DDR15V: 1.504 V
+3.3V: 3.328 V
+12V: 11.858 V

After few hours: FATAL ERROR: rounding was .49..., expected less than .4

I have read the other posts that many people have reported similar instability issues with this MOBO. Load Optimized Defaults looks the same as Load Fail-Safe for me in the MB Tweaker.

Can anyone recommend an optimal BIOS configuration? Currently at Fail-Safe with DRAMV set at 1.66V.
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  1. BSODs are more commonly related to RAM-related problems. I strongly recommend that you use the most current version of MT86+ (4.2) and run the test on your RAM, one stick at a time. Be sure to configure your RAM to the settings displayed on the sticker or packaging. Allow the tests to run for 8-10 passes. If MT86+ 4.2 finds any errors, replace your RAM.
  2. I just noticed something, Gigabyte EasyTune 6 reports my RAM as PC3-8500F (533 MHz) 7-7-7-20, which I recall seeing in the BIOS as well.

    But the sticker on my RAM sticks say: Patriot PGV34G1333ELK Sector 5 4GB PC10666 RAM - DDR3, 1333MHz, 2x2048MB, 9-9-9-24

    Is this a problem?
  3. Not necessarily, but using the settings specified on the stickers will eliminate one more area to check. Once the RAM settings are identical to what the stickers display, run MT86+ again.
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    If those are the timings shown in the bios..then most likely this your problem..those timings are pretty tight and i doubt most ram can be tightened that much from stock...
    Definately go into bios and configure your ram to stock specs....JQ
  5. I'll do that and report asap. Thanks!
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