WTB Voodoo 3,4,5 PCI only

I am looking to buy 1 or 2 voodoo PCI cards. Any of the voodoo 3,4,5 line will do. I don't want to pay more than $30 bucks. Thanks.
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  1. LOL, those things became collector's items about 8 months after 3DFX went out of business. But you still might be able to get someone to sell you one. May want to check eBay too. Good luck :-)
  2. yup, look on ebay......they are there....

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  3. Glide is still quite popular in Linux. I am building a dual Pentium 233 box with Gen2. A PCI Voodoo would work quite well in this box.
  4. Oh I won't argue with you, Glide was the best graphics protocol ever made, though OpenGL comes pretty close. All I am saying is, such cards are hard to find, especially PCI versions. Some of the people who have those cards are 3dfx "loyalist", and likely won't sell them. They think they will probably wind up as "artifacts" in a museum one day

    eBay is probably your best bet. You can also try <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> for more info on who might sell the left overs
  5. I have two voodoo2s and a sli cable I made from scratch, unfortunately they are of different memory sizes so you must flash the 12mb one down to 8mb to run in sli.

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