Possible Build $618 after coupons newegg

I've been looking at building a $600ish PC capable of multi-track audio processing, and besides that photoshop, basic internet use, media storage, and other basic computing.
Here's what I've put together. This would be my first build and I really do not know too much so I'm seeking the advice of the pros e.g. you guys :)
Here's a screenshot I posted on tinypic of my cart in newegg = the total comes out to be $617US and change after coupon codes

If you can please let me know what you think, and if any changes should be made.
For those of you who would prefer not going to tinypic and just seeing direct links to each product, I'll do so below. Thanks in advance! BTW i didn't link it but I was buying thermal compound - this is necessary correct? or do any of these maybe come with it or something? sorry like i said im new to this

LITEON 24xDVD Writer

Rosewill Case

WEstern Digital Caviar Black 1TB HDD

Western Digital Caviar Black 640GB HDD

ASUS mobo

Rosewill Power Supply

GSKILL Ripjaws memory

AMD Phenom II x4 955

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  1. Your links don't work because you need to type a name between the ] and [.

     [url=http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231277]Rosewill Power Supply[/url] 

    makes this

    Rosewill Power Supply
  2. Either put something between the brackets or leave the brackets out to make the links clickable...

    I would ditch the Rosewill PSU. They're absolute crap. Here's a better PSU with a good case: Antec 200 and Earthwatts 380W $75.

    I would also ditch the WD HDDs. The Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 TB (and 500 GB version) would be faster and cheaper.
  3. Links fixed sorry stupid mistake.
    Thanks for the advice on the Rosewill PSU. Is 380W enough if I plan to add a video card at some point?
    Also are Samsung as reliable as WD? Personally I don't know much about them I just picked WD Caviar Black based on a friends suggestion. I'll definitely look into those samsung hdds
  4. Heh well I bothched that but you get the idea.

    I like the list except for the case. I think that might not be a great choice, looks fairly cheap and a gamble.

    Here is a great deal, and this is enough PSU for your needs:
  5. MadAdmiral, that specific PSU is built by ATNG and is decent.
  6. As to 380W being enough PSU for a video card, that would depend on the specific card.

    This case PSU combo would deal with just about any video card you could throw at it:
    But of course you are paying a bit more
  7. I just noticed the RAM. Here's a set that would be all around better for only $3 more $2 less: G.Skill Eco 2x2 GB 1600 mhz CAS Latency 7 $105.

    @Proximon: Fair enough on the Rosewill PSU. I just see that name and develop this little twitch...
  8. Madadmiral, that RAM is out of stock, I saw them but picked the other since it was 97 with the coupon code, and were in stock. Would you recommend waiting?

    I made the change to the antec combo psu and case like you recommended, and changed out the WDD 1TB drive to the samsung you mentioned, but I was going to keep the WD 640GB since it was the same price as the samsung 500GB spinpoint and had more storage space.
  9. Yep Rosewill and ABS (I think they are owned by the same company) have been using ATNG a lot lately and many of the PSUs from these guys can be at least OK. It's hard to know for sure of course, but I have made notes where I could in the database.
  10. The Spinpoint will be better at sustained reads I think, which is why it gets recommended for gaming builds more. The Caviar Black has it's strengths though, and is no slouch.
  11. RAM: It's not something to wait for. It was just an opportunity more than something that would make a huge performance impact. I also wasn't aware of the coupon code...

    HDD: The problem with the 640 GB drive is that it's a lot slower than the Samsung. So if you were planning on using it as the boot drive, you're sacrificing a lot of performance for extra space.

    Another one to look at is the Seagate 7200.12 1 TB. It's a tad slower than the Samsung (still faster than the WD), and I believe it has a promotion for $15 off, making it around $55-65...
  12. Hate to be a pain but that 380W antec is definitely enough? i just used neweggs calculator and it seemed to be cutting it close.
    Then again I've heard that calculator is not the best, since it's not too specific.
  13. Ill take your advice on that samsung 500GB
  14. Yes. Newegg's calculator isn't any good. They vastly overstate how much power you need by first assuming that you're buying a poor quality unit and then doubling the required power (PSUs run most efficiently at 50% load). Keep in mind that they make money when you overspend.

    A 380W PSU would handle a build with an HD 5770 in it, so it can certainly handle a build running off intergrated video.

    EDIT: I double checked the Seagate. It's $65 with the promo.
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