Which 5850 brand out of this 4?


So i can't decide for which one i should get, im not into stock 5850, so i found these with improved coolers.

Here are the 4 brands:

Sapphire ATI Radeon VAPOR-X HD5850 HD 5850 1GB PCI-E price $330 shipped

Additional: None

735 MHz Core Clock
1024 MB Size
256 -bit GDDR5
4200 MHz Effective

PowerColor ATI Radeon HD5850 HD 5850 PCS+ 1GB PCI-E Price $300 shipped

Additional: Dirt 2 free game

760 MHz Core Clock
Memory Interface: 256-bit
Memory Clock: 4.2 GHz

Sapphire ATI Radeon HD5850 HD 5850 1GB Game Edition Price: $319 shipped

Additional: Modern Warfare 2 free game

725 mhz core clock
Video Memory: 1GB DDR5
Memory Interface: 256-bit
Memory Clock: 4000 MHz

GIGABYTE ATI Radeon HD5850 HD 5850 1GB HDMI PCI-E Price $330 shipped

Additional: 2 cooling fans

765 MHz core clock
Video Memory: 1GB DDR5
Memory Interface: 256-bit
Memory Clock: 4000 MHz

Help would be appreciated.

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  1. Neither;

    The ASUS DirectCU edition is the best. Overvoltaging, very cool temps, the whole 9 yards.
  2. @Tmop

    Im not from USA, forgot to say that, so my only choice would be EBAY, and those cards are on EBAY.


    Im gonna check it right now

    note: Im spending a max of $350 on a 5850, no more, since a 470 gtx is $350 but the only thing keeping me out from buying it is the noise and ugly temps.
  3. shadow187 said:

    The ASUS DirectCU edition is the best. Overvoltaging, very cool temps, the whole 9 yards.

    I can't buy from newegg, however, they have it out of stock.

    I found it at EBAY for $350 shipped, good?

    Im buying the videocard this Monday.
  4. No, Mexico

    The cheapest radeon over here is for $430, and goes up to $500, so mi deal is to buy it from EBAY

    The ASUS is sold for $339 at ebay with free shipping, so its a $10 difference, and it has voltage adjustment.
  5. You actually found that ASUS at better price: $336 shipped

    Between i was looking for 5850 with nonreference coolers since where i live its hot, right now i got a 260 gtx at 65° idle, and on winter its 36° idle...so the ASUS preclocked with nice cooler is good, and in winter i will most probably overclock it even more.
  6. So i was looking at so many 5850 variants and decided i will overclock, however just mild overclock nothing extreme.

    So it's basically 1 of these 2, I found the ASUS too hardcore and i dont wanna mess the card with the voltage.


    1120 x Stream Processors, 800mhz core clock, 4000 MHz Effective and comes with a game worth $59


    1440 x Stream Processors, 765 MHz Core Clock, 4500 MHz Effective....OC can reach 901MHz on the GPU clock at 1200MHz on the memory clock
  7. You really, honestly, should get the ASUS. Even without voltages, you can hit 850mhz+, and 1100mhz+. You said you're into OC'ing; that's the best card for it. And it's cheaper.
  8. I'd get the Toxic, it's factory overclocked and in between the HD5850 and HD5870. You can OC it even further if you want. Also it's VaporX.
  9. Well i was stll researching and found that the ASUS is also the lowest temp and less noise about those 3, so yeah im going for the ASUS, but if anything bad happens then im gettting the toxic as last resort.
  10. So yeah my choice is between those 3....asus being the best overclockable, cool(temp) and low noise......toxic being preoverclocked and able to be overclocked even more....however, can the game edition be overclocked as a toxic?

    And the game edition on official site says it has 1120 steam processors


    And on newegg it says it has 1440


    I was aware that all 5850 had 1440 steam processors...

    1) game edition as overclockable as toxic?
    2)1440 or 1120 steam processsors for game edition?
  11. Thanks

    Either way, its a big upgrade from my 2-3 year old 260 gtx 65nm, idle runs at 62°!!!however on winter at 32°.

    So yes, i choose the 5850 ASUS cu and will do a very slight overclock, and when winter comes overclock core clock 1000mhz if possible, its gonna be great for my 1900 x 1080 HDTV 32" im on right now xD
  12. So the ASUS cu was out of stock, and i came across with a deal of the msi lightning twin frozr II that also has voltage control up to 1.35v, bought that.
  13. I like XFX for their lifetime warranty.
  14. Nice, as long as you can bring the voltages up. 1.35 is all you need too, IIRC.
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