Resolution and frame rate (possible bottleneck?)

I have a e8400 processor running at 3.00 ghZ
And a Nvidia GTS 250 1GB

Why isit when i play battlefield bad company 2 my frame rate doesn't change weather I play on 1280x1024 compared to 1920 x 1080?

Of course i haven't really checked on other games because most games i play (TF2 , UT3 , CoH) run about 60fps + on 1920x1080 anyway.

Where as i have frequent slow downs on battlefield , being a good 40-50fps then suddenly dropping to 20 at times?

People say lower my resolution , but i still literally have the exact same frame rate?!
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  1. Bump , anybodyyy?
  2. Odd. I lower my resolution to play that game with my radeon 3870 and athlon IIx4.
    What is your CPU usage on both resolutions during gameplay? (use the task manager before you start the game and tab out of the game during gameplay and look at the history)
  3. What's your AA and AF settings? Have you tried turning them off all together to see where your minimum frame rate falls to? If, with those two off you achive a more then acceptable frame rate try turning on just 2xAA and going up from there untill you reach the best quality and acceptable min-fps that you want (2xAA no AF, 4xAA no AF, 2xAA w/ AF, etc).
  4. I'm with Enzo. He pretty much hit the nail on the head. BTW, how much RAM do you have and in what configuration?

    You could also try to overclock your e8400 to 3.6 Ghz (does it easily) and see if that helps. If I had to pick which of the two, your CPU or GPU, is more responsible for the lag, I would say your GPU has to wait more for the CPU meaning your CPU can't keep up with your GPU. I've used the same combination and at 3.6 Ghz all the way to 4 Ghz, I was able to get more, faster framerates out of my GTS 250.
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