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Hello, I have had an BFG 8800GT 512mb for about 2 years now and recently my computer has been crashing (from what seems to be graphics issues; the colours will go funny and freeze). I have used RivaTuner to keep my fan speed at 80% but while gaming, textures will occassionally display incorrectly. When i minimize/re-open the game the textures are fixed for a short while.

Monitoring the GPU temperature with RivaTuner hasn't shown any dangerous temperatures (around 70 celsius on average).

If the problem persists I am conisdering upgrading to a new graphics card. My budget is about $200 Canadian Dollars, but I'm not sure I can get a decent performance increase with that budget. I'd appreciate any advice you can lend.

My specs:

Mobo: Gigabyte P35-DS3L
Video: BFG 8800GT 512mb
Hard Drive: 250GB Seagate
CPU: Intel C2D E4600 2.40Ghz
Monitor: LG Flatron Wide: L226WTY

Also I'm not very pleased with performance on games like World of Warcraft...only an average of 15fps in 25man raids, about 20fps in 10man. This is on 1680x1050 resolution with most other settings down to minimum. Please lend some advice/suggestions :D
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  1. See if you can OC your processor a little bit. 2.8ghz would be great.

    An H5770 fits right into your budget, and will offer a very nice increase (over 30%) from your 8800GT.
  2. shadow187 said:
    See if you can OC your processor a little bit. 2.8ghz would be great.

    An H5770 fits right into your budget, and will offer a very nice increase (over 30%) from your 8800GT.

    I've always wondered with my setup listed above, what do you think is my biggest bottleneck? I'm assuming the processor which is why you recommended to OC it.

    Is using Rivatuner to up the clock speed sufficient enough to OC it? Or perhaps i need to look into OC'ing in more detail.
  3. IIRC Rivatuner only tunes the GPU, but I'm not sure, having never used the program myself. You should look into OC'ing by the BIOS, not software.
  4. Buy a 5770(my recommendation: sapphire vapor-x if you want lower temps and a cooler that you can barely hear, it is worth the extra money), buy the arctic freezer pro(rev1 or 2) CPU cooler because it is cheap, good and it make's almost no noise and overclock your CPU past 3GHz if it is possible(it should).
    Also remember to buy yourself a arctic silver 5 thermal paste(compound) and the arcticlean set witch consists of 2 bottles with solution to clean the original paste from your CPU.

    I suggest you upgrade your bios to the latest revision. GIGABYTE gives you a few options, i did it from windows because it is the easiest way.(check your manual witch came with the board)

    My board is almost the same model only with an R at the end instead of L. Kind of the same thing. I run a Core 2 Duo E6750 at 3.4GHz, a Sapphire 5770 vapor-x and 2Gb of RAM OCZ platinum OC to 850MHz.

    I can play Call of duty modern warfare and modern warfare 2 at 1920x1080 with max settings and max AA, same with Fallout 3, burnout paradise, Mass Effect 2 at max settings and a hole lot of other games at max settings. You won't be able to play Crysis at that resolution and max settings. At 1680x1050 on ultra high or enthusiast with no AA you can play it just fine, on my system.
    (i wanted you to see what you can do with yours and a 5770)

    Also what RAM do you have? The overclocking capability of your system depends on them as well.

    "My budget is about $200 Canadian Dollars" -i do not know how expensive the 5770 is there but that would be the first step in upgrading your PC.

    Also you can increase your CPU speed even with your stock cooler but not that much.

    If you do not want to buy a new card then get your hands on a new CPU cooler, thermal paste and overclock your CPU as high as you can(stable) and after that lower it by a 100MHz or so just to be safe, depending on your speed.
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