Is this a good Power supply?

I have a vpr matrix desktop that ive been upgrading. I put in a GIGABYTE GA-MA69G-S3H mother board with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ Brisbane 2.5GHz cpu. And 4gigs of G skill RAM(1gig per card). I have 2 cd/dvd drives, and a 100gig IDE HDD but im planing (well im going to have too because theres only 1 IDE slot) on getting a 500gig (or so) SATA HDD.

I have a 350w eagle dr-b350atx and i want to know if this is too week or a good PSU. Also the PSU has a 20 pin power conector and the motherboard has a 20 plus 4 pin power conector. It has worked fine so far with the IDE hdd and 1gig of ram.


added: I also plan on getting atleast a 512 mb pcie graphics card
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  1. For what you are using it it is fine but if you add a discrete GPU, it is low power for the +12volts
  2. You should definitely upgrade your PSU if you add a GPU like you are thinking about. I would recommend a minimum of 500W to give the flexibility to add a good mid-tier GPU. If you pursue the high end GPU path, go with a 650W minimum. Look for a PSU that is certified 80+ certified to ensure efficient operations. Good luck!
  3. Yep, nice PSU with a good reputation.
  4. I just pick up a 700w stealthxstream ATX power supply
  5. Should do just fine. Enjoy!
  6. thanks very much your your guidance!
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