Have I bought the wrong PSU?

I've placed my order for an XFX 650w XXX edition power supply for my build, but i've just noticed that my motherboard is 24pin, and the power supply is 20+4pin, is this still compatible? I've posted the link to both below, in case this doesn't make sense.



This is my first build so i'm not sure exactly if i'm looking at the wrong thing. If these are not compatible do you happen to know a good PSU that is 24 pin like the motherboard?
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  1. Yes it is still compatible no worries. The 20 +4 click together and make 24
  2. ^+1 the XFX psu's are high quality built by Seasonic.
  3. thank you, that's good then. Yeh the XFX was recommended to me on this forum so I trust the quality to be good, I was just concerned hat I had managed to buy the wrong one ha. cheers
  4. Tell us what your video card and other components are.
    We will calculate it for you.
    650W is a good size power supply.
  5. thank you :D

    My motherboard is an aus p755de-PRO, my processor is an intel i5, my graphics card will be an asus 5850 (ran out of money, buying this next week though) and my is g skill ripjaw 4gigs DDR3 ram, and i'm running 1x 1terabyte hdd and one 1x 500gig hard drive...

    I'll be wanting to crossfire in September, will I need to replace the PSU or will this still be ok?
  6. Unless you're going to be OCing both your CPU and GPU to the max and/or add a dozen harddrives then yes that one will be fine for two 5850s.
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