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I want to lock the maximum fps in my games at 40. I suggest others do the same. It decreases heat and you can barely notice it) How can I do this for all my games?
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    Not possible for games with DX10/11, but possible for DX8/9.

    I never used it, so I'm going to go ahead and assume you know what you are doing.

    Type "fps_limit" in google for more instructions if you don't know how to use it right.

    As the "readme" file is not in English, here is traduced google version:


    Version 0.2, 11/15/2007
    - New command line switch to set the desired fps (/ f: x), default is 30
    - New commandline switch to enable or disable logging (/ l: ON | OFF), default is OFF
    - New ingame keys to change the desired fps (F10 decrease / increase F11)
    - New ingame fps display, show or hide with F12, command line switch is / x: ON | OFF, default is OFF

    Version 0.1b, 11/13/2007
    - Fixed bug in D3D9 Hook
    - Fixed bug in D3D8 Hook

    Version 0.1, 11/12/2007
    - Inital Release
    Batch files do not even need. Create a shortcut from the Limiter.exe and paste in your path game.exe AIM to cope
    If renaming the shortcut like the game. Exe is, then just know also what you start and then do with all the games you have so

    To use:

    Unpack archive and go with the console in the directory (or possibly create a batch file). Here is the syntax:

    fps_limiter / r: D3D8 | D3D9 | OGL "path to spiele.exe" (without the space after the colon, the forum does: D is a smiley)

    With the / r is the renderer specified Hook, if this option is not specified, is automatically used D3D9. Example:

    fps_limiter / r: OGL "c: \ games \ Quake 4 \ quake4.exe" <- Uses OGL, to explicitly specify
    fps_limiter "c: \ games \ jade empire \ jadeempire.exe" <- Uses D3D9, must therefore not indicated

    If the path is correct, the game starts. Then in the game directory name is a file "limiter.log.
  2. Turn on Vsync - it will lock the max frame rate to 60, and eliminate tearing of the screen, giving better image quality.
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