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New 'Gaming' Case

Fellow Tom's Hardware-ians,

I am contemplating getting a new case for my desktop for a few reasons. I kinda want to just have fun putting it into a new case. Also, I think that my Dell xps 420 case is rather dull. I am pretty sure, however, that I will have to find a certain case that fits my hardware. I do no know what the exact model of my mobo is (or how to check it). I do know that it is the one that came with the xps 420, if that helps.

I want something that is different and flashy. But I don't want that typical overflow of LEDs that looks like the typical pre-made gaming pc..

I have a a 5770 which is kind of big so the bigger the better I suppose.
^ that is my psu.

Also, I would like to stay on the cheaper side, price-wise. Under $100 for sure. I am not sure if that is too low to get a respectable case or not. There is no rush to get it so if it is just better to wait until something new comes out or prices drop, let me know!

Also, live in US.

Thank you SO much for your input and if you need to know anything else just ask! :hello:
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    Antec 600:

    Cooler Master HAF 922:

    Thermaltake Armor A90:

    All respected case manufacturers, all solid cases, all a little on the flashy side.
  2. So basically you want something which has more function over fashion.. Good criteria.. For your budget, check out the CoolerMaster 690II Advanced..
  3. Thank you! I have to say the Antec 600 looks liek a pretty solid, subtle case. Think I might snoop around a bit more to see if i can find any deals..
  4. Don't bother with the 600. The 300 is just as good, and if you wanna spend more money, the CM 690 II Advanced is probably the best case at 80-90 dollars right now. Blakc interior, cable management, 3 fans (room for many more), SUPER QUIET, and an awesome layout.
  5. ^+1 for the CM690II in either version.
  6. Thank you for the input!

    AMW, sucks.. I wish I knew before I got it, kinda just bought it without researching psu's >.<

    I ended up buying

    It had good reviews and I think that it looks rather nice, while the price tag is not too bad, imo.

    Again, thank you all for your advice!
  7. /sigh

    my foolish self did not even take the time to check if my mobo was compatible.

    surprise, surprise.. it wasnt!
    the Dell XPS 420 stock motherboard is apparently BTX. The case I got is ATX. And won't work.

    So instead of returning it and paying 25 bucks in shipping I am just going to keep the case.

    Can anyone reccoment a decent ATX motherboard? Does it matter if I get a really cheap one as opposed to an expensive one? PLEASE HELP! :(

    Pretty good and you will be able to overclock with it, which will make the purchase a bit more palatable. Also you have a Q6600 correct?
  9. Yes, Q6600.

    Would it be bad if I got something cheaper? I am not looking to OC as I know I would just break it..

    I would rather have it be 'good enough' but not cost as much.
  10. I would have actually recommended the Cooler Master Storm Scout which is on sale right now. Great solid case, plus good cable management holes, an LED off button, AND VERY QUIET fans. But ehh....
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