Only 1 memory work at ECS K8M800-M2

I have problem with ECS K8M800-M2 - it's working with just one 1GB memory. After I add 2nd card PC don't start :heink:
Any ideas :whistle:
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  1. Generally, if the PC was working prior to adding new hardware, the new hardware is what caused the failure to boot. Try switching the RAM modules around. If the PC still doesn't start, try with just one at a time. If the PC starts with just the first module, but not the second, then the second module is likely defective.

    For good measure, you could use MemTest86+ .
  2. what can I do then if second module is def?
  3. Replace the RAM
  4. what if second module is OK? they just don't work both at one time?
  5. If both RAM sticks do work, but only one at a time, you have to consider two possibilites:

    1. Mobo is defective - to test this theory, install your RAM like this: | _ and _ |. Then repeat the test with the other stick.

    2. Mobo cannot support the combined density of your RAM sticks

    or a distant third possibility is that the sticks are not compatable with each other.

    Are the two sticks exactly the same?
  6. I have no access to this PC today, I'll let you know more tomorrow.
    Thank you very much!
    Best regards
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