$1000 build need advice :D

Well my dual core am2 5600 is apparently ancient and i must make upgrades. also asus is holding my mobo hostage for 2+ weeks for repairs.

a few notes: I dont think crossfire will be necessary ever. Why not just get one really powerful card every year or so. I see crossfire as a pure enthusiast thing.

I hate asus and know the antec cases are a bit overpriced, but I like em.

antec 902


gigabyte mobo

XFX HD-585X-ZAFC Radeon HD 5850 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card w/ Eyefinity






AMD 965 cpu


1)we are sure that the new 890 chipset will support bulldozer upgrade, yes?

2)video cards- is sapphire good with customer service? xfx? I can't find an 5850 evga.

3)all ur base r belong to kyle382 yes/no? maybe?

thanks for all ur help good ppls of toms hardware.
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  1. o ya its mainly for gaming. I use some 3d rendering software as well, but not quite enough 2 want the 6 core dealy.
  2. Antec cases are no way overpriced for the quality they offer.. The 902 is a real darling case especially with gamers so good choice on that.. You wont find an EVGA 5850 as they are only NVIDIA manufacturers.. Since you have access to newegg, you can look out for combo deals which are generally good for some saving.. ares has got some nice options lined up for you..
  3. yeah, although i dont see a hdd or cd drive listed in your build, so i dont really know what you need, this is just a fairly generic build.
  4. Just buy this cpu for basically the same performance
    You have chosen quality components here's a good psu/case combo not sure of shipping charges.
    If shipping charges are a factor just go with what you have chosen since both have free shipping.
  5. thanks for the advice ares.

    anybody have any idea on the bulldozer upgradability thing?
  6. it looks like bulldozer is going on am3, then the one with integrated graphics will go on am3+, called am3r2. this means u can likely just buy bull dozer, and put it right in there if u want.
  7. Yeah is the integrated gpu supposed to enhance your high end cards performance or does it just act as a backup gpu when and if your card fries or both? I may just get a cheapo mobo and cpu for now if the am3r2 will be that much better.

    graphics question:

    I just realized the new nvidia's have direct x 11. I don't however like that they use much more power and are known for their not so great cooling.

    Also currently I have a 512mb 9800gtx that is bigger than my forearm and requires 2 6 pin power.

    physx and added 10fps or so are almost worth it thou....what you guys think? Should I just get a 5850?

    hard drive:

    can anyone link me 2 a decent 6gb/s HD? I have an older sata and wouldn't mind spending bux on another.
  8. dont think i'll be waiting for the integrated gpu actually. I just read that won't be out until 2012.
  9. id just get the 5850. also, sata 6 isnt terribly useful for hdds yet, so there arent many good ones, the fastest is still the f3.
  10. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150477



    not that I care much, but XFX cards are hideous. and 2gb for $70 more is not bad. Could also get an ugly xfx 5870 for the price of the 2gb sapphire as well thou....mmm decisions.
  11. just cuz it has 2 gigs doesnt make it better, the memory doesnt directly affect performace unless u either have a more powerful card or very high resolutions. i would either get that 5850, or a good 5870, depending on the games you play.
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