Do GPU's have CPU requirents?

So Im considering getting a video card for my elderly pc to hopefully spark some new life in it, just long enough until I can afford a new computer. My question is would my processor "bottle neck" or limit the effectiveness of a video card? Would it even work at all? All the system requirements ever say are for the PSU (which I meet). I plan on getting a 1gb 128-bit GDDR5 ATI graphics card. My processor is a Athlon 1.9Ghz duel core. Also would an ATI card work on a nvidia motherboard? Here's a link to my computer if you need and a link to the GPU i want to get

Thanks for the help :)
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    ATi cards should work with nVidia motherboards, I wouldn't see any problem. However I'd guess that the Athlon 64 X2 3600+ 1.9GHz will bottleneck that HD 5770.
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  3. I see, but I will still see an improvement right?
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    Ya, but I would first suggest getting more RAM, also if you intend on gaming or not may also help us diagnose what graphical horsepower you need.

    Yea I intend on gaming. Just wanted to see if getting this would work, its only to get me by for a few months till i can buy a new pc. I know the card will not be able to show it true potential, but once I find it a new home it will shine :)

    oh yea I forgot to add on original post that I do have 4Gb ram
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