Need help On system comparison

I was going to purchase a Computer by tonight, and need some quick help on the specs.


^ Looks legit, I think it is a good and solid system, 'ill mostly be using it for gaming and entertainment


Now, the key differences in this are PSU, grpahci card, and cpu

Is the PSU in both systems viable? one has the first DX Raedon card running a 460 WATT psu, the other one is a Nvidia lower type running a 350W psu, The hard drives, motherbarods and CPU's all loook good.

Toms hardware, is there anything im missing? the price value is 50 dollars different from i5-i7, which one is better? what should i get? is there something wrong in both systems i should watch out for?

Thankss for your time community! I need an answer quick i need to order tonight ! get back at me if you can guys
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  1. id recommend building your own. however, i7 is better. that i7 has something called hyper threading, which means for each physical cpu core u have, u get 1 additional thread, so its a quad core, but it looks like a 8 core to your os. this isnt just multiply ur performance by 2, a lot of games and things cant use 8 threads, and the 8 threads are limited by the resources of the 4 cores, so its complicated, but its gets you more performance in some things. the one with the i7 also has a real video card, the 230 is an old, barely dedicated video card. considering the i7 one has a better cpu, gpu, psu, and bd, and only cost 60-70 bucks more, its the better deal, but id build your own.
  2. yeah i know that,On the I7, is the rest of the specs good? THe HD runs at good RPM i know, with the PSU 460W viable to that graphic card and system in the I7 spec? and does it say anywhere of case/fan components? the i7 looks pretty good then?
  3. well, its a prebuilt hp, so dont expect quality ram, psu, mobo, or hdd, but yeah, looks good. the 460 is likely enough, but not very expandable. but like i said, if this is for gaming or anything else, id build it by urself, but if not, lemme see if i cant find some other good deals for you.
  4. I dont want to build it myself, simply put, and I dont know how it costs much alot more $$ then i intend, The specs look solid, I dont see anything wrong with it really, its not Ibuypower so im prety satisfied, and its also not a dell. If you cna find a good deal on it would be great, but if not I suppose I'll roder that i7 tonight :)
  5. if i were you, i would buy from digital storm or cyberpower. you get to pick the parts yourself, make it better, make it cheaper. if this is for gaming, id get 4 gigs of ram, a 955, and a 5850. doing this, it turns out being quite a bit cheaper, and u get much better parts.
  6. I live in canada, shipping on cyberpower would be beyond horrible for me. TD is really the only site I trust, since i've ordered from there before. I'm not a super hardcore gamer, I dont play Crysis and all the incredible games that take mass amounts of capability to run at high, im not a casual gamer either. I'll ply Tf2, wow, whatever. I mean all I want to know is its gonna play, if its gonna run and not break down on me in 3-4 years, and if it does if the parts are replacable, the way I see it it costs way more for me to order individaul parts and get someone to put them together, or order off cyberpower . Prebuilt is technically what i've always done, but that usually from dell. My dell pc lasted about 5-6 years, it was still going well but repair price is outrageous now, replacing old parts that are worth nothing cost 120$, beyond stupid. I dont need the system of the gods, I just want to know that this is a good PC, whether it can take some games, and whether its got some workpalce functional things to. The only useless peice i saw in the pc was 8 gb of ram, but oh well.
  7. then id do digital storm. really. i know you arent a super hard core gamer, but an i7 and 8 gigs is going more to a video editor, not a casual user/gamer. at digital storm, u get a better computer, for the same or less. with these prebuilt things, the psu is terrible, the mobo is not expandable, the case has no air flow, the hdd is slow, the ram is slow, the cpu is very hard to oc, the way u get it is basically how it stays until the psu fails on you, or the hdd in 3-5 years. the i7 build isnt bad, its a good deal. this might be another one u may wanna look into:
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