Should I wait to buy a new CPU?

Hey guys, I have a quick question. Would the price of this CPU or something similar, drop significantly in a year or so? As in worth me waiting that long to upgrade? I was told that my current CPU a e6400 @ 2.6 ghz is bottle necking my 2 8800 gts running in SLI and am looking to upgrade.

my rig specs are in my profile in case you are wondering.
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  1. Probably not, at least not enough to make investing in a cpu upgrade a better investment then moving on to a new platform in a years time. However an e84/85/8600 should work in that board and solve your bottleneck problem. Just double check your BIOS version depending on what cpu you get, you may have to flash the bios to make the newer cpus recognizable.
  2. Hello
    I agree with runningbot, i don't think there will be a significant price drop for that CPU.
    Going from your E6400 to a quad core CPU like Q9400/Q9550 will give you a good boost in performance especially in games that benefit from 2 cores.However depending on your motherboard's model,you may need to update the BIOS.
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