RSOD " Red Screen of Death" I have it

Hey everyone,

OK this is getting rediculous ... For those of you who were helping me out with my BSOD's here is a new twist!

I decided to re-install windows 7 from scratch...... I deleted the partition on the RAID config [see my build in more info] to create a new partition and delete eveerything on the system.

There was never any prompt to format in FAT or NTFS it just said "loading windows files ... your system will restrt several times..." Well it loaded for a while went into restart mode and booted into a black screen with nothing on it ... Nothing at all. I let it sit for 30 minutes thinking it was 'doing something' but it just turned itself off.

I restarted the whole process, deleted the partition I had made, made a new one, named it, and the next thing I know I have a Bleeding-Red-Screen.

I followed the prompts to load windows again no option to FAT or NTFS just "loading windows files ... system may restart several times ..." It went to restart after some time and booted back to what I will now refer to as Black Screen of Death ...Google searches have produced no difinitive results.


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  1. You should link your old thread.

    How old is the system? Was it ever working?
  2. The system was working fine. I installed Mass Effect and all hell broke loose.

    That's pretty much it ... BSOD's began, I began getting " 2.0" errors and Drivers began to fail.

    Let me see if I can link my old post. I assume I just copy and paste....

    Here's a link when in addition to the .net 2.0 errors I began to see errors with source "calnts" ... according to the internet these do not exist:

    There were other posts, but I can't seem to locate them
  3. Well, the old issue sounds like a corrupted registry, so I can see re-installing Win7.

    It would seem you are having RAID issues now. Where are your HDs plugged in? which ports? What does your BIOS say about them?
  4. BIOS lists the 2 velociraptors in RAID 0 and the 1TB drive being by itself.

    the 1TB WD is on the bottom bay, the 2 Velociraptors are directly above .. is that what you mean? Again, the system was working fine until I installed Mass Effect...
  5. Yes that was a registry issue, this is a different issue.

    Your motherboard has SATA ports that your drives are plugged into. I think you have 2 that are SATA 6Gb and 4 or 6 that are SATA 3GB.
  6. Oh ... The 3GB/s
  7. Hello? Anybody out there? :(
  8. It sure seems like a RAID issue to me. You should try a fresh install on a single drive. If that solves everything then you have a solid starting point.
  9. I had actually thought of that but never did it.

    I will do that tonight
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