Best MB for triple Monitor High Res 3D Surround Sli

I am hoping someone can tell me what would be the best Mother Board for Triple Monitor High Res setup with 580's in Sli

Here are the monitors I am thinking about getting:
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  1. I run that set-up already. You'll loose frames on the P67, so the X58 or wait for the X68 Q4 2011. With bezzling 5900+x1080 is a saturation problem on x8/x8.

    If you cannot wait, and can live with 5~10 FPS loss then P8P67 DELUXE or Maximus IV Extreme or GA-P67A-UD7 or EVGA P67 Classified when released. In gaming, clock per clock, the i5-2500K vs i7-2600K is negligible.

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