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i have a wireless router that two computers work from. one works fine. the other one is getting a limited or no connectivity message and won't connect to the internet. I have done everything imaginable to get this fixed with no luck. I have read lots of stuff out there but have not been able to get it to work. any suggestions?
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  1. If the wireless device is blocked then you will get a limited or no connectivity message. If this is a laptop try to relocate it another position in such a way that it can be seen (line of sight) from the primary router(the one connected to the internet). Another the configuration is wrong - SSID, password, etc, try to look over this on the first PCs that work fine.
  2. it is very close to the router. within three feet. i'm not very comuter savvy so when you talk about the SSID, I don't even know what that is or even how to check that. (sorry) the computer was connecting to the internet just fine one day, i closed down the computer for the night, next morning turned it on and tried to connect to the internet and suddenly i get that limited or no connectivity message.
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