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I have a simple 3-HDD RAID-5 system, at home, that is currently controlled by my motherboard rather than a seperate RAID controller. Recently I have been getting I/O errors when moving files around and suspect the controller. I've been told that if I insert a PCI controller, that I won't be able to read any of my files, because RAIDs are specific to the controller that they were set up on.

Is this true? If so, what can I do about this?
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  1. This is a situation of YMMV (your mileage may vary).

    Contact the company whose controller you are thinking of purchasing and tell them you have a RAID array (with specifics of motherboard) and ask them if they will recognize that array.

    In the OLD days, even a newer model of an Adaptec (one of the biggest and best at the time) controller would not recognize the array of an older model! (requiring a backup/restore to upgrade/replace - bad news!)

    Then (Adaptec, anyway) standardized so that arrays were NOT model specific.

    But I certainly cannot speak for all companies.

    So yes, it was that way and I would certainly check FIRST before buying.

  2. Thank you for responding. I've spoken to several of my "techie" friends and they have stated very similar statements. It does seem grim, but I am holding out hope until the last. I'll post if I get good results.
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