How do i fix gpu

before i start playing game my computer show me this wearning:
your computer does not meet the minimum specification necessery to run this software.
you may experience errors during operations.
the video card does not have the necessery specification.(GPU:VRAM128MB)
i have windows 7.intelcore duo.4gb ram .
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  1. GPU is the graphic card, says that it has 128mb, it is very poor, you most likely have an on board graphic card.

    You should upgrade the graphic card if you want to play resource demanding games.

    Here are some graphic cards you may want to look at:
    ATI HD 5770, HD 5850/ Nvidia gtx470, gtx 280..
  2. We need more info here, list your full system specs, please...
    CPU? RAM? Motherboard? Power Supply Unit? GPU? Monitor?
    What game are you trying to play?
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