USB 3.0 Internal Hard Drives Bays

I need hot swappable HD bays in my computer, but can't find any online to buy. :pfff:

Tired of having USB HD docks sitting ontop of my computers. :fou:

Apparently SATA is hot swappable, but this never worked, and I've built 3 computers - didn't work on any. The only thing that works as hot swappable is a SATA -> USB hard drive dock. :ange:

So, where can I buy an internal USB 3 hard drive bay, or at the very least an internal HD bay that is hot swappable? :whistle:

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  1. My experience is different from yours - I use SATA bays and I can plug in a drive while the system is running, use it, and then eject it (Safe to Remove) and pull the drive. I wonder what is different in our setups?
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