I need help with sound cards

I need a good sound card under $150 to fit an Intel H55HC motherboard. Im gonna be listening to alot of music and I'll be using Pro Tools to make some music.
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  1. I can recommend something in Creative's series. Their X-fi-cards are revered for their quality. I have a Soundblaster XtremeGamer Fat4l1ty edition.
  2. Are you in need of a pci express x1 based card or pci based card.? Anyway, i am not sure how much of an advantage/assistance a regular desktop audio card is going to be for audio creation purposes.. You may look at the m-audio audiophile 2496 or the asus xonar essence st/stx..
  3. I just purchased a Claro Omega Plus+, it's a great card and something you might want to take a look at.
  4. If you're going to do your own recording You should go with something better than X-Fi like an upper end Claro card or (for that price range) a lower end M-Audio card. You can also try out a USB DAC/ADC
  5. I agree with Emperus's suggestions i would also consider the Auzentech Forte.
  6. You *might* want to go for a more studio oriented card if you are going to be doing recording, but if not, ASUS is clearly the way to go in your case. ASUS focuses a lot more then the other brands on areas such as recording, so no other performance brand makes sense if you are going that route. Again, might want to look at a few studio audio cards though...
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