hi guys,

does anyone think there would be a bottleneck in this system?

980x, asus pt6 deluxe v2 board,
1600mhz 12g ddr3 ram,
dual 5970's?

asus tells me that that processor is fine even at clock speeds to handle those video cards..
overclocking it is an option, not supported, and as always risky unles you have proper cooling..I happen to have liquid cooling..
would that work?

I wouldnt even know how to go about overclocking this.. i didnt really research it much
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  1. with those specs, who cares if there is bottleneck...
  2. wow...
    You can throw any games and your system will eat them all easily... :D
  3. ya know, you would think so.. however, some games not so much.. metro 2033 runs well at full detail at 1920x1080..
    most other games do as well..

    splinter cell conviction give me a max of 12-21 fps.. even with the eyefinity patch..
  4. Tessellation, 4xaa yes, adf no..
    I do have 10.4a installed AND the patch from ubisoft no real difference..I cant turn off cfx, as I have 2 gpu's, unless there is a way to only use one..
  5. 2x5970 you must have a good PSU.... and thats the last word in gaming..
  6. The only thing I would worry about is it becoming self aware and trying to destroy it's creator.
  7. best post ever.
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