I need to replace a dvd burner in my sony vaio pcv rs210

How do I remove /replace my DVD/CD player/writer from my Sony VAIO PCV-210?
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  1. It's a desktop system, so all you should need to do is open it up unscrew the 4 mounting screws and unplug two cables and slide it out.

    Underneath, all DVD/RW drives are pretty much the same. Some brands are more reliable than others. I like Samsung and LG.
    Prices at a BestBuy will be a little higher.

    The only problem may come if you want to maintain the look of the computer. You should be able to change the faceplate from the old drive to the new drive. If you cannot change the faceplate, a Sony part will be about 4 to 5 times more expensive ($150 instead of $30 - $40 if you don't mailorder from newegg).

    Check this "Build it yourself" article:
    And look at where he installs the optical drive. It's pretty simple.
  2. Hello jeaniebear;

    I think your Sony Vaio RS210 uses the older style IDE CD and DVD drives - not the newer SATA models.

    It looks like your case has those color-matched-to-case fold down DVD covers that hide the actual drive.
    After you take off the left and right side panels of your case I think you should be able to remove the entire front face plate.
    Behind that you'll see the actual bare DVD drive. From there it's as jsc says. Remove a couple screws, detach a few wires and slip the old drive out, and the new drive in.
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