Two gtx295 vs one gtx480

Hello, Which is a faster combo.. Using the Asus Mobo P6X68D-E With (2) GTX295's or (1) GTX480? Thanks
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    GTX 295 SLI will be faster but you've got to think about the power consumption, heat, and scaling problems that occur with multi-gpus. If you're fine with those, the 295's will do great.
  2. Yup, agree with uncfan, you will better by single GTX 480...
  3. +1 to uncfan.

    I would also suggest a single GTX480, if those are you're only two options
  4. Thank You to all, as I am stepping up from a GTX 9600 and an AMD Athlon Dual Core 5600+ CPU.
  5. "That's one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind"
  6. 1 GTX295 performs about the same as 1 GTX480

    And you need a good quad core CPU to use either effectively.
  7. If you want raw power and don't care about power, heat, etc, then GTX 295 is the way to go. Otherwise, GTX 480.
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