LCD Bevels-Bezels. When will they ever disappear?

I was wondering if anyone knew the exact technical reason why LCD panel bevel's and bezel's are still required?

I prefer multi-monitor displays and just can't help notice that it seems like not one company has produced a bezel-bevel free LCD panel yet. Why is this?

I know Samsung has some smaller bevel LCD's coming out, but why can't they get rid of the bevel-bezels altogether for seemless multidisplay setups? Seems like it would be easy to do. I have seen them small (under 1/4th of an inch, but this is far from say 0 to 0.5 millimeters for the bevel-bezels sizes. Anyone know else wonder why the bevel-bezel is still a requirement?

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  1. I would assume this is for structural there's a plastic cushion to absorb blows and lcd companys have less DOAs...but just a guess.

    I think with OLEDs this isn't as necessary though.
  2. You need to understand how it all comes together.

    The biggest factor to bezel of LCD panels is what the panels are actually made of.
    Many people would think they are a single layer of rigid glass and you can simply forgo the bezel and have a sharp glass edge.

    Well unfortunately LCD panels consist of more than a single layer and non of those layers is glass. The layers are not bonded by an adhesive glue as you can imagine how terrible would turn out. They must be secured around the edges similar to how windows have frames.

    Second monitors have standards similar to computers which uses cables to connect various components. Thats because not every manufacturer makes their own panels. There is usually a PCB around the edge of the panel. Remember LCD panels have layers, if you have to get electricity to a middle layer you need to go through the edges.

    Manufacturers that make their own panels like samsung can do a low profile design to minimize the bezel but they really can't eliminate it.

    The quickest fix is to get a bigger LCD monitor. 30" enough?
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