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i am going to buy a new comp. I am confused about buyin graphics card. 5770 or 4870? But 4870 is showing better fps in games. 5770 is direct X 11.I am not going to overclock or crossfire them . Gonna have a single one. Plz help me
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  1. It depends on the price and the quality of the cooler but performance wise the 5770 is a good choice in the long run. Quality is something that is left to be desired. You will be surprised how well these cards do in tri-fire.

  2. both cards offer similar performance, the 5770 beats the 4870 in some games and vice versa. The 5770 runs cooler and offers DX11.
  3. 5770 all day. I have a 5770 and it beats the 4870. .
  4. I would also recommend the 5770 over the 4870 like "ct1615" said it does offer DX11 so it will be better in the long run. I doesnt make sense IMO to buy a last gen card for the future.
  5. The 4870 and 5770 are very similar performance wise (over all). The ATI 5770 is the newer tech, and so will likely run cooler/more efficiently, and offers DX11 support. That would be the choice in my book.

    Considering they can both be had in the $150 to $160 range, I'd say just go with the ATI 5770. Just make sure you get the standard 1GB version (there are a couple 512MB versions available).

    XFX ATI 5770 1GB (Double Manufacturer Warranty) & Free Shipping
  6. On current drivers the two cards are pretty much identical in overall performance. The HD5770 however is DX11, much more power efficient and has more advanced video/audio playback features. Considering it is usually cheaper as well it's a no brainer.
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