External Hard drive not playing all movies on dvd player

I have a Verbatim 1tb external hard drive. i copied about 700GB of movies on to it. however when i connect it to my DVD player, to watch the movies on my TV, only a few of them play. It is pretty strange because the format of all my movies i the same. can someone please help me?

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  1. If you can see the list of movies and those are play in your computer... there is nothing wrong with HDD...

    PLAY_ABILITY is determine by the player... Although they are the same container: AVI, WMV or MKV...

    These are not the same, some of them may contain H264 video stream and other odd-ball audio, which your DVD MAY NOT able to decode...

    Try a HD media player like TVIX, WD, DUNE....
  2. thanks for the reply FireWire2. all the movies do show up on my dvd player and all of them do play on my computer. what do you mean by trying a HD media player. try it on my DVD ? (sorry for the blond moment)
  3. DVD players are rubbish at playback. Pick up something like Micca's EP 600 G2, it will play anything you got, from x264 to .flac.
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