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Hey all,

My girlfriend's Dell laptop has an issue. When you boot up the laptop, it shows everything that should be white in pink. Then after about 15-20 seconds of booting the screen goes black. You can still see all of the laptop indicator lights working (CPU, Bluetooth, etc...) so the laptop isn't dead, it just seems to not be showing anything.

I tried hooking up a LCD monitor to it to see if it's the video card or the display but it gives the floating message that it isn't connected to a source. I'm not sure if you first have to set up the laptop to be in dual monitor mode in Windows, which I obviously can't do.

I thought the issue might be something bad with the Windows XP installation since it shows loading Windows XP before it goes black, but that turned out to just be timing, not anything to do with Windows, as if I go into the BIOS instead of booting windows the screen goes black after the same amount of time.

Anyone have any ideas of ways to fix this or at least what the issue may be?

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    That sounds like a classic case her GPU (or IGP) going bad. Can't replace those either.

    I advise taking the HDD out, getting everything you can off of it (or turning it into an external hdd via an enclosure kit) and getting a new lappy.

    Sorry bro!
  3. Thanks, I had already bought an enclosure for this very purpose but was hoping there was something to try to get the laptop resurrected.
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