Gaming PC Build Help?

After reading on 5770 or 5850, i have a couple of questions

For 1680 x 1050 @ mid - max settings : Should i just get one 5770 and get another later or a 5850 right now?
For 1920 x 1080 @ mid - max settings : Again, 2 x 5770 or 5850 or 2 x 5850?
For Eyefinity at 1680 x 1050 * i dont know much about eyefinity * : 2 x 5770 or 1 x 5850 or do i need 2 x 5850?

My budget for graphics right now is at a max of 300$. Updates will be done later, like 6 months or 1 year.

Next, Processor ( ZZZzzzzZZzzzzZZzzzz )

Taking the following factors into consideration, should i go for AMD Phenom X2 955 or AMD Athlon X3 435? The thing here is i am thinking of buying a processor from AMD's 2011 line up ( the bulldozer and stuff ) but i dont know which socket they are going to use... so i have narrowed down to these two processors. They are 160$ and 75$ respectively and their respective motherboards also differ in price as far as i've seen. So, as i would be gaming mostly at 1680x 1050, as i've been doing for many years :(, Which one should i go for and be sure that the graphix wont be bottle necked?

5770: Which Processor ?
2 x 5770 ( xfire ): Which Processor?
5850 : Which Processor?
2x 5850 : Which Processor?

Next, Motherboard ( FAINTS! )

How much should i expect to spend here if i went for either 965 or 435, leaving space for crossfire?

Next PSU, Casing, RAM, Hard-Drive, Optical ( jumps off the roof? )

As ATI recommends 600 Watts for Crossfire and 450 Watts for Single Card, can i just follow those guidelines and go for a 650W PSU?

For RAM, How much should i expect to spend? is a max of 50$ for 2 GB Ram enough and will it be enough not to bottleneck perfomance?

Hard-Drive : Any guidelines on choosing one?

Optical : blah nvm this, 20$ for optical...

Ok this is very jumbled question but it is all because of all the reading i've been doing.. i have come here to solve all these doubts once and for all! please help :((
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  1. P.S. I also want the best bang for buck so the 2 processors i chose seemed to have them.

    As for mobo, just a good one with crossfire 8x/8x capability and other small features like usb 3.0 blalbas
  2. what exactly is your budget? are you ging to xfire in the future? maybe your gonna need 750watts. and 5850 FTW
  3. Here is a build...

    X4 955 + HD 5850

    Gigabyte 890FX + GSKillz 4GB DDR3

    Corsair 650TX + Samsung F3 1TB


    CM 690 Black

    But the only issue with the above build is that you would need to use power adaptors when you add 1 more HD 5850 in crossfire as the PSU has only 2 PCIe power connectors...But has enough power though...
    Or get this PSU
    Corsair 750TX

    And HDD from here...
  4. psu/ram:corsair 750ewatts,corsair xms3 4gb
    cpu:athlon rana 440
    gpu:ati 5850
    mobo:giga 890fxa-ud5
    case:cm haff 922
    dvd:cheap dvd sata drive
    hdd:samsung f3 1tb


    mobo will do x16/x16
    all are high quality products. thats what makes it expensive :D
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