System crash at pericular resolution, please help

hello everyone.
i m having this weird problem where, the moment i set my screen resolution to 1440*900 (or anything close to 8:5 ratio), my system crashes, the screen goes blank except 4 a thin white line in the corner and remains this way no matter how many times i reboot. my only option then is to start in safe mode and restore the system to an earlier restore point. :cry:

i m using a rig comprising of:

- ASUS M3N78-EM motherboard
- AMD phenomX4 9950 processor(64 bit)
- NVIDIA 8600GT 1GB graphic card
- 500GB SATA2 hard-disc
- Samsung SyncMaster 920NW monitor ( with 1440*900 as native resolution)

the rig runs fine on all other resolutions except on 1440*900 and 1280*768. the only problem is that all the images appear to be stretched, which is really annoying.

i have used windows XP 32bit, vista 32bit and windows7 64bit. the problem is the same in all operating systems. i tried using the NVIDIA drivers that came vid the card and even tried downloading the latest compatible NVIDIA drivers from NVIDIA website. nothing helped.

i know the problem isnt in the monitor or the graphic card as i have tested them on several other systems and they work fine there.

pleeeeeeeze guys, i need help. m at the end o the road here. i dont know wat else to do. :(

thank u
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  1. the video card cant handle that size. its an old one. you need a new video card that can handle that size resolution.
  2. What size is your screen?
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