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can you help me?
i want to add my picture in bios. talk me can i do it? is it possible?
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  1. Are you talking about motherboard's the spash page? The very first thing that comes up when you turn the computer on? Or the spash page to the OS? I think you can easily change the spash page of the OS if you have Linux. Not some much on Windows.

    If you're talking about the motherboard's splash page, I think that's a really narrow question and it comes down to your motherboard. I've never done it myself but I'm sure it can be done if your motherboard supports it. Figure out what motherboard you have and Google something like "(your motherboard model) change splash page." I'm sure somebody has tried it before.
  2. Changing the splash page in Windows is pretty simple. Google is your friend.

    Changing the BIOS splash page is more difficult - and dangerous because you may need to edit the BIOS file.
  3. Changing the BIOS splash screen is possible depending on your motherboard. I know some ASUS boards can.

    But generally, it is more hassel then it is worth (the picture must be a certain format and a certain size and usually does not look right) and may end up damaging your BIOS file.
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