Oc amd 7750 and can i unlock it....?

i have the normal 7750 not the
black edition....how much highest
stable oc i can acheieve with stock
cooler ...?is there any way to use
amd ovrdrive for oc my cpu
eventhough my mb asus m3n78-em
is a nvidia chipset...? or is there
any other software like amd
overdrive that works with my
mb.....?is there any way to unlock
my 7750 to 4 cores eventhough
thr is no acc option in my bios....like some bios mod for m3n78-em if there is any?
or if i successfully unlock my cpu in
someothr unlockable mb into 4
cores and then remove it and put
it in my mb....will it still have 4 cores...?
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  1. someone reply pls...
  2. with the stock cooler you are really stuck at stock everything with that cpu. It runs hot with that tiny heatsink that they ship with as is.
    I have never heard of nvidia based boards unlocking cores, i believe that is a sb 710-750 thing, though my board never unlocked my old 7750 (amd 790X), i have seen cpuz screen shots so i guess it's possible, the question is why with first gen phenoms going for next to nothing and the athalon II x4 at the sub $100 mark if you want a fast upgrade just drop one of them in, by the time you buy a new heatsink just to overclock from 2.7 - 3.0 which is still iffy without acc. (mine wouldn't clock past 2.9 with acc turned off). you'd be half way to a athalon II x4.
  3. thanks a lot...:-) but i cant afford a new cpu now just want to know a good oc software for oc my cpu to try out wat comes and how to check if the oc is stable....???
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