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I have a 24 inch Samsung LCD Monitor at 1920x1200 that I am using as my main monitor and a 42 inch Philips plasma TV at 1080i that I am trying to use as a second monitor to watch movies and shows I have on my hard drive while I work. Both displays are connected to my video card (evga 9800 GTX+). The TV is connected with a DVI to HDMI cable (the HDMI is in the TV). I successfully set both monitors up using the nvidia control panel at their correct resolutions, but for some reason on the TV part of the picture is cut out (I cannot see the top, bottom or side edges of the picture). I tried messing around with the nvidia control panel features and the closest thing i found to correct this issue was changing the resolution of the TV to some off the wall amount which I would like to avoid. I tried using the TV's menu with absolutely no success, there isn't even an option for what I am trying to do. I would really like to fix this issue and any help you could offer is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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  1. Go to scaling option and change the scaling for your TV to fit the 1080 disk space.
    Its on Nvidia's Display Software.

    The difference in resolution settings between the two display should not be an issue. Just to make a point i have 2 monitor setup similar to yours. The difference is all my link are through DVI/HDMI.

    1st setup (oldest)
    GPU: BFG 8800GT 512 OC
    Primary Display Sun Workstation Display set at 1920x1200 (DVI/VGA)
    Secondary Display 50 Inch HDTV set at 1080P (DVI/HDMI)

    2nd Setup

    GPU: BFG 280 OC
    Primary Display 24 Inch LCD 1080P (DVI/HDMI)
    Seconday Display 50 inch HDTV 1080P(DVI/HDMI)

    3rd Setup

    GPU: CF 4890 XOC
    Primary Display 24 inch LCD 1080P (DVI/HDMI)
    Seconday Display 70 inch HDTV 1080P(DVI/HDMI)

    With the exception of my SUN Workstation display, all of my LCD and HDTV are HDCP compliant. I can play Blue Ray on it. I just drag PowerDVD with the mice on which display i want to use.
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