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Well i have just got a 4650 1 gb, i m not really sure how to install it, i installed it in the slot but the monitor won't start off plzz help
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  1. Did you plug your monitor into the card?
  2. yes i did so. the monitor doesn't start.
  3. What about installing the drivers ? which ones did you use.
    Does your board have on board graphics and did you use those before or was it a differant card and you changed it for this one ?
    If you used onboard then you need to check the bios to see if you need to disable the onboard graphics.
    I it was a differant card then you need to uninstall the drivers for the old card, put it back in first. Uninstall the drivers. Put the new card in then install new drivers.

  4. ok, i uninstalled the previous grafix card's drivers , then installed this 4650 in the slot.But after inserting the cd in, the cd was unable to detect the grafix card..& also wen i plugged in the monitor to the grafix card the monitor was unable to start. Have i not attached the VGA card properly or wat ?
  5. Did you make sure you pushed your card in all the way? Make sure everything clicks and none of the connections are showing. Thats wat happened to me on my most recent build.
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