ATI M Radeon HD 5470 VS NVIDIA GeForce G105M

Which card is best. ATI M Radeon HD 5470 or NVIDIA GeForce G105M?
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  1. Both are low-end cards for gaming,but 5470 is a better choice and perform better in games
  2. Here's a performance benchmark on the ATI 5470 mobility card:

    Here's a performance benchmark on the nVidia G105M:

    The ATI 5470 is definitely the better performer.

    ATI 5470 Score with 3dMark05 = 6380

    nVidia G105M Score with 3dMark05 = 4214

    You can see more of their benchmarks and further details by following the links.
  3. Thanks for the info, both cards are available in the same laptop - I'll definitely go with the ATI 5470 - Thanks again.
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