I just bought this motherboard and was wondering if it supports AMD CrossfireX?

EVGA X58 SLI LE 141-BL-E757

If not then since I was going to run two or three AMD 6950's should I use the GTX 570 in SLI or 3-Way SLI?
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  1. YES! Either sli or crossfire will work fine...use two gtx 570's though...those will perform like sex
  2. Since the mobo is 3-way sli with physics can I run 3-way CrossfireX?
  3. yes
  4. So how does 3-way CrossfireX XFX 6950's sound over the SLI?
  5. 69** series video cards scale very well..and, depending on your setup, with those you can do some very serious damage! (thats a good thing) games will run well, fps will be high, and if your running multiple monitor setups your gonna be very happy.. however, sli on the GTX 5 ** series are also very good..and 2 gtx 570's will blow away two 6950's..
    So, unless your looking to save money..I would sli over crossfire..Nvdia cards give you cuda, 3d vision, and great driver support
  6. So recently I have decided to go with 3-way sli but need to know if I can run this setup with an 850w PSU:

    EVGA X58 SLI LE Motherboard

    12GB Crucial Ballistic Sport 1600Mhz Triple Channel Ram

    Core i7 960 @3.2Ghz

    Two 500GB Hard Drives @ 7200Rpm

    Two OCZ Vertex 2 120GB SSD's

    Three 230mm Fans

    Three 120mm Fans

    3-Way SLI GTX 470's
  7. umm..possibly....I'm gonna assume your oc'ing the cpu so that 3 470's dont bottleneck..and what are you using 2 ssds for? Because if you plan on running a raid 0 array with them, dont! You wont see any real world results that would justify the extra ssd and the costs.. here is my honest suggestion to you.. and take it from someone that is stubborn and has tried many different setups...dont sli 3 470's..scaling won't be the greatest, and it will consume a lot of power.....I suggest dropping one of the ssds (200 saved)...and getting 2 gtx 580's..why? simple..more power, and better future proofing..

    Down the road your gonna have a hard time getting rid of 1 gtx 470, let alone 3 if you plan to upgrade..my suggestion is to pocket the extra 200 u get from dropping an ssd..and get two 580's...or pick up a gtx 590..and in a year..drop another one inside..you will have better scaling, less power consumption..and BF3 will look amazing with 2 gtx 580's...
  8. I only have a budget for $600 for video cards not $1000 and I am doing dual SSD's for this setup:

    Windows and crucial operations on one SSD

    Games on the other SSD

    My idea for the GTX 470's was to have two running in SLI and the third for dedicated physics!

    Now all I need to know is how much power the three GTX 470's are going to use?
  9. games on the other ssd is a complete waste of money..again, I've tried using these setups, and you will actually be throwing money away...what are you using to play games? steam as a client? If so you can get the steammover application that transfers games to the mechanical harddrive for data...and you can put it back on the ssd if you want to play off the ssd..but honestly..your better off getting a single card..either..gtx 560 sli..gtx 580 or 6990... ssd for games only will waste money
  10. And your a waste of my time since you won't help with what I have asked about instead you still want to have it your way with SLI and saving money and all I asked was how much power a couple video cards would use several times and still no answer for that! I am going to go somewhere else where people can actually help with what I have issues with and not recommend otherwise!
  11. ok :)..and im almost certain I said 3 470's will work on your psu..then offered suggestions..but..it's clear some people lack camaraderie..that's not taken very kindly on here! If you want to be wasteful, and not listen to suggestions from people that know what they are talking about...do things on your own, and don't ask for help...thread closed
  12. I have found out from EVGA that 3-way GTX 470's would require a PSU of 900w and 50A to run everything I have got and I only have a 850w PSU...

    Now my next question is can I with the EVGA X58 SLI LE motherboard run two AMD 6870's with 6GB DDR3 Crucial Ballistix Sport 1600Mhz Triple Channel Ram, Core i7 950 @3.0Ghz, OCZ Vertex 2 120GB SSD, Silverstone Stryder ST85P 850w PSU, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit...Work with Crysis 2 running DirectX 11 on Hardcore settings?

    If so do you think I would have to upgrade to a larger graphics card to run Battlefield 3 when its released?

    I will not be going with Nvidia since I have heard so much negative talk about the latest SLI profiles and drivers crashing when using SLI from Nvidia users, I would love to go back to Nvidia but for the money right now I am going with AMD-ATI. I only have about $220 for a graphics card at the moment but do plan on adding a second card later on.

    For the last two years I have been using ATI graphics cards and since running multiple GPU's in CrossfireX I have not had a single moment that any of my drivers have crashed thus making me feel like AMD-ATI cards are good. I have heard lots of speculation on both companies Nvidia and AMD-ATI with drivers from both companies not working and in my opinion I love both companies but since I haven't had a driver crash or crossfire setup crash on my I am sticking with AMD-ATI.

    My apologies if I may have upset anybody for the last post, I was just fusterated with not getting a straight answer to my original question and if I may have understood anything!
  13. 2 6870's will be very powerful...the thing is a lot of people don't realize the benefits of a crossfire setup..I like to think of it as a fusion in dragon ball z...it just makes things work better! Anyway, yes the 2 6870's will work really well in xfire for that setting..but, then again, it depends on your desired resolution... In many cases two 6870's will outdo a gtx 580..and 1 gtx 580 can handle crysis 2's highest settings pretty well..


    The link above simply shows a couple of games and the resolutions comparing the two cards i mentioned..a 6870 xfire setup will do very nicely for you..especially @ 1080p..The only thing you may have to do is overclock the cpu a bit to accommodate the crossfire setup
  14. I have recently found a ATI 5970 for $425 and will be getting this instead of the SLI setup I have originally planned. Since ATI Crossfire in my opinion performs better than Nvidia SLI I will eventually get another 5970 to crossfire then be good on graphics for some time to come!
  15. yeah..it will actually perform quite nicely..im surprised you got it for that cheap! Good buy!!
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