5770 Crossfire heat concerns: which is the best action


will be going home to asia in 2 weeks and temps there are on the 100F so im concerned with overheating my system when im there

statistically with bench marks which is better among the 3:

1) 5770 Crossfire
2) 5870
3) 5850(threw this in because it would be easy to buy if i sell my 5770s)

ok i got 2 Visiontek 5770s both for $215 at bestbuy clearance where the top card idles at 42C ang goes up to 65C and up on gaming and benchmarks and thats with me reconfiguring my CASE fans for side intake and an Antec Spotcool i was using to cool down my northbridge to blow air directly into the really small gap between the 2 5770s is a bit too small

1) 2 Visiontek 5770s
2) MSI 890GXM-G65 so PCIe slots make the 2 cards basically be on top of each other with a really small gap
(i got it free when i bought my Phenom X4 955 BE at FRYs)

the options im considering are:

1) sell the 5770s and get a 5850 or add $40 a bit more for a 5870 single card solution
since i got them $99 each selling them for atleast $140 isnt bad and i can get a 5850($290 tax included) right away or if i add $120 i can get a 5870(for $400 tax included) BUT my problem is my motherboard being a GX when i crossfire it goes 16x/0x to 8x/8x which will cause serious bottle necking if down the road i decide on a 5850 or even 5870 crossfire configuration

2) sell my MSI 890GXM for a non microATX motherboard like the one Gigabyte sells (still at 8x/8x)
or add a little bit and get an MSI 890FX

if i want to keep my 5770s i may nieed to get a full ATX size motherboard so that there will be a bigger gap between both cards improving air circulation and temps

other additional options:

3) get a CPCI slot cooler to improve circulation(pic 2 shows i have 3 extra pci slots and enough space for this cooler:


4) replace stock vga heatsinks and coolers with aftermarket cooler

5) apply better thermal compounds/paste on the chipsets


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  1. Those temps are fine...80c would be fine really, though a bit hot.

    I would get an Asus DirectCU DH5850, and CF it later down the road. You won't lose any FPS (maybe 1?) because of 8x/8x, so don't worry.
  2. anyone else got any input?
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