Which cpu is better (laptop vs desktop)

which cpu is better?

Core i7 720QM or q9550


Core i5 450m or pentium e6300 dual core

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  1. A better question would be either: which cpu is better for battery life or: which cpu is better for gaming. It all depends on what you use your system for the most. Laptops can overheat with regular gaming. The cpu fans are tiny and can gum up with dust easily. I wouldn't game on any laptop unless it's specifically designed for it. And cleaning the fans at least once a year is a must with a canned air solvent.
  2. I missed the sentence where the OP mentioned gaming.

    But yeah, do you mean better performance wise? Or better in another way?

    Performance wise the desktop processor will usually be faster, as it is with your case with the i7.

    The i5 though will perform slightly worse than the E6300, though.

    Why do you ask this question? A more detailed question results in a more detailed answer.
  3. I'm planing to get a laptop with i7 or i5 , and I was just wondering what their performance is compared to my desktops. If I got this right , those desktop cpus I listed are more powerful ? I thought for sure that the i5 450m was stronger than that e6300... but oh well

    EDIT: I'm not planing to run games on this laptop.
  4. Yep. Notebooks are often much less powerful due to the tight thermal envelopes they have to fit the processors in to. I haven't seen a notebook quad core i7 faster than 2GHz at stock speeds. The desktop counterpart's minimum speed is 2.6GHz.
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