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Help installing fans on CM690 ii advanced ??

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July 1, 2010 4:10:47 PM

Hey, i'm currently building my i5 PC, on a ASUS P7P55D-E PRO in a CM690 ii advanced case, however i'm a little confused on installing the front fan and rear fan.

I've plugged the top fan into the power fan slot, as the rear fan lead won't reach this far onto the motherboard.

There is a channel 2 fan slot near the rear fan slot, however this is a 4 pin slot and the rear fan is 3 pin.

At the front of the mother board there is a channel 4 fan slot which is 3 pins, i've connected this using a little extension thing from my old PC and connected it up to rear fan, as well as to the front fan. However, this does not work.

I've taken photos and will upload them in a minute, just trying to figure out if this website hosts them or if I need to host somewhere else and link them on here

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July 1, 2010 4:20:03 PM

Photobucket works fine for me :) 
Id say remove the extension thing from the loop, take the fans off the case and try them in each socket to doublecheck they work or not, might be a bios setting to enable the fans as well, but the four slot socket should support the three pin fan ok, it just wont tell you how fast its spinning.
July 1, 2010 4:58:05 PM

I just plugged the fans directly into the PSU and that works, is that safe or should I change it? should I plug the rear fan into the PSU and the front fan into the 4th fan channel?

My PC does not seem to recognise by hard drives :S hmm, they were plugged into my old PC using a sata port, do I need to plug a cable into the hard drives as well for power? I assumed it was just a sata cable, i'll post a picture of that as well, all 3 images will be up in a second. :) 
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July 1, 2010 5:03:04 PM

also, my case does not have the system warning speakers that the motherboard has pins for, is this a problem? i.e. how do I know I applied the thermal paste to the CPU properly and that it isn't burning if my PC doesn't make warning sounds? this is my main worry.
July 1, 2010 6:02:55 PM

ok so all fans are now working, front fan is in the right channel but the rear fan is only connected by a molex adapter thingy.

My hard drives are now connected and running, however my main problem is this; I'm trying to install windows 7, however the PC does not try to go through the windows install as it would do normally, instead it goes to the windows repair mode, and i've set the primary boot to the cd drive... any suggestions? going to try looking around in the BIOS more, hopefully I'll get it sorted soon.
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July 1, 2010 7:24:30 PM

just a quick check b4 work, yes plugging into your psu directly is fine :) 
yes Sata drives require a Sata cable and a Sata power cable, some older drives also accept 'normal' molex power lines though, Im currently struggling with Win7 myself so not too sure how to help you, But I'd recommend using new Sata leads,