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Hi everybody@tomshardware,I have a query for you guys.I am really excited,coz my mom's gonna get me my first computer on my 16th b'day,which is coming up shortly.(Actually,I am exited coz now I'll be allowed to wear makeup,AND have a boyfriend:D . Btw,getting back to the "mundane",this comp's gonna be used almost exclusively by me to do my school projects,and my computer lessons(We are learning programming in java).My lessons just started a few months back,in the 9th grade(I am in the 10th grade now),and I am barely learning the basics as of now.My mom's budget is around 500 bucks.Can you guys help me out here?I would be really grateful,if you did.It certainly aint gonna be a gaming computer,so performance ain't gonna be paramount but stability and reliability would be.Links from newegg/amazon/tigerdirect etc ain't gonna help me,coz international freight rates are ridiculous,even though the prices are much lower.Just the basic info on the chipset,processor,mobo manufacturer,etc.

BUDGET:$500 Home Computer
SYSTEM USAGE:Home,studies(junior high),net surfing,networking,etc
INTEL based solutions only.

I was looking @ the following specs---
G31 express chipset mobo(Asus P5KPL AM/PS-$50)
E 5300 (dual core 2.6 Ghz-$75),
2 gb ddr2 sdram @ 800 mhz(trans/kings-$45),
500 gb sata(sg/wdc-$60),
Logitech deskset($15),
LG 18.5"lcd monitor(16:9,50000:1,5m/s-$150),and
Creative dual channel stereo speakers(A35-$10).
Printer(Cannon pixma ip 1980-$40),
600 VA ups($40 again)
and a spike buster($10).
These are necessary, because power supply can be somewhat erratic here in India .

So basically,you've got only around 400 bucks to play around with . I don't know much about computers, but I do know that hardware,spec 4 spec costs around 10-15% more in India than in Europe or USA.

That leaves room only for a generic , unbranded<$10 psu . While I know most of you guys are gonna flame me for even considering such a sacrilege , in my defense I must say that 99% of users in India use these cheap chinese imports,coz we cant afford any better . 3 of my cousins and all my friends have used these products for years on end , without any real troubles . Btw , here,we don't use AMD.Only athlon sometimes for lower end systems(<$300) , and rarely phenom 2 for high end gaming . So I'll really appreciate if we can stick to Intel solutions . Thanx so much, you advance.
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  1. Please use the template in this thread (*How To Ask For New Build Advice*) to help clean up your thread.

    You have a lot of information but I wasn't able to read through it and make sense of everything.
  2. Better don't buy Intel on that budget. Also a cheap PSU is what you don't need if the power is erratic. This is from the only site in India I know.

    Biostar A785GE Motherboard

    AMD Athlon II X2 240 Processor

    GSKILL 2GB DDR2 800MHz F2-6400CL6S-2GBMQ Desktop Memory

    Samsung SATA SH-S223F DVD Writer

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 ST3500410AS 500GB

    FSP SAGA II 350 350W Power Supply

    Gigabyte GZ-X2

    Rs.17,296 = 371.8 $

    No monitor, they don't have many in there.

    I don't know if a cheap ups will be up to the task.
  3. hi mosox, you add the monitor to that,+deskset+sound & it goes way over that...not to mention the printer...I guess the mobo price must come down by $25(Rs.1000-1200). I'll save some money by buying a cheaper case

    My fault...forgot the 22x DVD+-RW(22$?)

    Also most importantly,it's gotta be an Intel system...I guess that's non-negotiable...really worried... :(
  4. Found some other site:

    Intel Dual Core E5400
    Biostar G41-M7
    Corsair VS 2GB 800Mhz DDR2 RA
    Samsung 500GB SATA 3.5"
    LG DVD RW GH22NS50
    FSP Saga II 350 Watts
    Gigabyte Luxo x140
    Benq 20" G2020HD

    Rs :19883 = $427

    But you should really buy AMD, that Intel socket is old and the new ones are expensive. AMD is just as good.
  5. Yeah I'm left wondering why going intel is important, at the cost of having current stuff.

    I can say trying to get an ok computer along with the desk and monitor and speakers all for $500 is pretty crazy. Because just that other stuff is alot, and will make the computer itself have to be much less expensive. I remember when I first built mine in 2005 (the only time I did all of everything at once) it definitely went over $1000, and my parents got the desk for me for free. (and also contributed about $500 towards the computer/monitor/speakers/mouse/keyboard

    When we do stuff, it's generally just for the computer itself even if a new case needs to be gotten. (which for me personally just doesn't happen at the same time, I just got my 2nd case a few months ago)
  6. @ false dmitry---I didnt say desk , but "deskset" meaning keyboard+mouse combo.

    @mosox---lemme check out your links's early morning here,just woke up.
  7. Found another site, check the prices in there too:

    From what I've seen you can get something pretty nice but no printer. For printer the laser ones are good, not the inkjet ones who are expensive to refill. That one is good:
  8. If somebody else has a printer in the house just network it. I never understood having a printer for every computer. (and I've seen that before).

    I don't think I've heard 'deskset' before then. And really, that should be super cheap just for standard stuff.
  9. @ false dmitry---actually, that's a viable option for me...thnx

    @mosox---thnx for the suggestions especially, theitdepot links... that has been very helpful...I think I can get myself a more than half-decent machine.

    More suggestions are always welcome...I'll of course keep checking back
  10. Best answer
    Hi caldoll , just go to my post -]

    and you might find what you are looking for...
  11. Thanx a lot to mosox & false dimitry but I think I'll stick to my Intel build , as

    recommended by calguyhunk (E5400/G31/2 GB DDR2/320 GB) . This is almost

    exactly what I had in mind . It will indeed be a decent and cost effective solution for my everyday needs.

    Thanx a lot , calguyhunk.
  12. Best answer selected by caldoll.
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