How to fix damaged MBR and recover lost files?
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  1. Regularly files will disappear if MBR is damaged, to recover the date u just need a data recovery tool to scan and retrieve, it is the most convenient way. is Ok. But if it fails try this:
    It may takes a couple of times if the files are large.
  2. You might be able to restore the partition as i think drives have a backup MBR. See if easeus partition tool can help.
  3. Hi,

    Don’t worry; with the help of partition recovery tool you can fix MBR and retrieve all the lost data only if the damage is logical. Even I was suffering from similar kind of problem then I tried this tool which really helped me to recover data when MBR fails. You can get the software from official website or just follow the below mentioned links.

    Software link:
    Download link:

    Good luck,
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